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When you look for apartment, you look at many details, you are even willing to make certain concessions and give in to certain tastes or whims, but in what you definitely cannot make any concession, it is on the subject of security. Indeed, security cannot be underestimated or half a centimeter since even our lives can depend on it. This becomes much more important when we have children because one sometimes does not measure the danger, for more maturity than Tanga. Until one does not have a son, it does not know the real dimension of the word anguish. All these thoughts came to mind suddenly when in the news last week I saw that the locality of Vallecas is presenting a growing insecurity in its streets. Indeed, in the heart of Madrid, we can say, although it sounds strange, that the police are not present. According to several residents of Vallecas who were interviewed on the news, the Gendarmerie Shines for its absence and has practically abandoned positions in this locality. People are afraid to go to the streets because they claim that gangs have been formed in several sectors. This group of young people with serious behavioral problems come ravaging the district with their constant quarrels. The dispute, as in most of these cases, is for the supremacy of the neighborhood and in this process real battles are unleashed between one and the other side. The results are often fatal and end with the death of one or more of these gang members. Wounded and bruised there is always and what is not lacking is never the material damage in the properties of people who have nothing to do with the lawsuit. After one of these skirmishes, the glasses of the buildings are reduced to pieces and lie on the ground as mute and helpless witnesses of what happened.

Apartment for sale in Vallecas

I was very interested in this topic and I took the time to inquire with friends who live in these neighborhoods because of the fatalities of destiny really. Indeed, these people acquired their properties when Vallecas was a peaceful locality and was shown as a good option for immigrants coming from the cities of the interior of the country. Young people with many dreams, arrived in the late sixties and early seventies to the capital and soon populated forcing to grow upward. Certainly there was still living space in part of the capital and Vallecas became an option, even today there are opening properties but have seen reduced their selling value because of insecurity. At that time everything was happiness, commitment and hope and the mind did not pass the idea that the scenario would change later. Just imagine how you should feel that person who years ago bet on buying a house in Vallecas and now, with children on the slopes, must face a serious problem of insecurity. Maybe someone might think I'm exaggerating and dramatizing the fact from a single complaint. Well, it's not that way. As I said lines above, I had the opportunity to converse with people directly affected in this problem and I can attest that the situation is as dramatic as Pinto.

I'll tell them I talked to an old man named Guillermo. He is the father of a friend of the university and moved to Vallecas when his children took different paths. For this, Mr. Guillermo had been widowed and, having no greater need for space, moved to a small property in Vallecas under the modality of rent sale. You are now halfway through the transaction without knowing what to do. Give up the nearly ten years of contributions or stay to deal with insecurity daily. When I asked him if he had directly lived the insecurity of his neighborhood, Mr. Guillermo told me what happened to him a day he was returning home after meeting some contemporary friends with him. In Vallecas, Guillermo met weekly with three friends, was a kind of retirement club in which members enjoyed entertaining conversations in which they mixed current world problems and fresh anecdotes of the past. This gentleman tells Me that they listened to music by Edith Piaf or Javier SolĂ­s while they were conversing, but the important thing happened when I returned home, that midnight of a day Friday.

Guillermo did well in the final domino game he held with his companions, the conversation had been enjoyable as always and it was time to return home. Nothing of the other world, less than 600 meters separate him from his house and decided to walk while enjoying the gentle autumn breeze of these hours. The street was so quiet that I could hear his own footsteps as I refer and walked quietly, had already had news of the gangs that had formed but thought that by his house would never approach, had the background in his favor as the facts always They recorded no less than two miles away from their home. Guillermo relaxed and continued to walk, listening to his footsteps, but he soon began to feel warm voices that seemed to come from the direction he was walking. As he advanced, the shouting became clearer and when it was less than 200 meters to get to his home, he realized that a group of more than five people were sitting practically on the edge of the door of his house. I had not spotted them in the distance as the last few meters before arriving home were covered by a curve in the street. He tried to stop but almost instantly thought that gesture was going to put in fear and decided to continue with decision. When he was less than five meters from his house, and therefore of the Patota, he realized that they were rubbing liquor and pushing each other while arguing who knows what. Without looking at them, he went to the door of his property but one of the boys closed his pace and without a word began to Bolsiquearlo. Guillermo could do nothing but demand respect for his age, of course the petition was utterly dismissed and soon the other boys joined the feast. Within a few minutes, Guillermo ended up with his trousers fringed and penniless. Fortunately he was able to keep his keys and be able to enter his home.

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