Problems with the New House

When my cousin Caesar bought a new house of his dreams he did not imagine how little that dream would last him. I went to visit him just started the move and really the house looked beautiful, was a two-storey, quite large and with ample spaces and provided with lots of light. Large windows also flooded the back of the house and gave a transparent access to the patio with a pool and a lot of field for my nephews to run.

The house was located in a residential neighborhood, with long streets and few houses on the street, with few people who walk around, low noise and almost no traffic. It was the dream neighborhood and the most beautiful house in that neighborhood. It seemed, because with the passing of days the house would begin to strip all those flaws that are not marked in the contract of purchase much less in the brochure of sale delivered smilingly by the realtor.

The new house had two floors and according to my cousin Caesar, the real estate had told him that the house was not new, but that had been completely refurbished, had no problems of humidity or soil and shout. He was in perfect condition. Which at first glance seemed, but then, once the move was finished and put everything in place, the days were going to be taking charge of showing the flaws.

The first of the problems started with the leaks. The first sign gave it the strange smell that they pronounced the things kept and that came from the basement, although the basement was totally empty and completely painted, had that image that give the new things, yet to the weeks a strange and strong smell began to Contagi AR the environment, my cousin Cesar thought at first that the smell came from some dead rodent, but then that undesirable smell was accompanied by small lumps of mold in the farthest parts of the light on the walls, under the staircase and on the wall put to the bathroom of Visi TA, the idea of water seepage began to haunt the head.

The mold was accompanied in the following days by some moisture on the walls of the basement and on the walls adjoining the bathroom of the garage, in time the humidity would seep so much that the paint layer would begin to break down as paper. My cousin immediately communicated with the Realtor, who pointed out to supervise the defects advised by Cesar.

He did not give much explanation but to take care of the repairs. Apparently the water pipes and sewer of the house had been too much spent and had generated leaks by all the routes, this had generated the humidity, the mold and the bad smells, generating thus some annoying two months later, time that lasted the repair the pipes and that turned the House of Dreams into an annoying and giddy place filled with walls and broken floors.

The Child and His Space in The House

Definitely the subject of comfort in a house is very subjective. For some, this word is directly related to the space available to the interior of the property. A clear example of this is children. Indeed, I have noticed that the little ones like to enjoy the great spaces, of an inner garden more or less loose that allows them to develop fully their games, games that involve much movement and displacement through a certain space that Provide them with comfort and security at the same time. Although, to be honest, children are not too fixated on the issue of security, they are happy simply by playing free and proof of it is the face they put on when parents announce the end of the game and the start of home or school duties. They always ask for a few more minutes of play, they are hardly satisfied until they fall, which is very difficult because of the great vitality of most of them. But there is another point that concerns the child and the space of his own property and that the child adapts to what they offer. Indeed, there are children who come to the world and are members of a family that lives in a small apartment. They do not have a garden of their own and they must play the major games in the neighborhood park, however they are absolutely happy. In other words, I daresay they don’t even value their property, they just live in it. The issue lies in the round of compared, when the time comes when they receive the invitation of one of their friends and it is their turn to visit a house of larger dimensions than their own.

art space studio for children

When this day arrives, that same evening or night or, the next day, we receive a detailed description of the property of our son’s friend. Indeed, children have an amazing photographic memory and detail what they saw on their visit. In my case I had to receive this information from the mouth of one of the youngest daughters of my partner. The girl in question, just seven years old, told us at the table the Dream house she had visited the weekend in what was an invitation from girl to girl. I must say first that my partner lives in a small apartment of just two bedrooms in which one of them is occupied by her and the other for the girl. In addition to this, the room is quite small and is practically connected to the dining room in a single room. A small door connects to the kitchen and to the service room. Obviously the space of the bedrooms is also small and the girl has a small space to play. His room is full of toys that are crammed as they can in various furniture and dressers that shade the girl’s bed. With this point of reference was that my partner and I received the detailed description of her daughter. To begin with, he told us that the property he had to visit was not an apartment but a well-defined house, judging by the description he gave us of the interiors, I would say that it was a luxurious chalet, because the first thing he identified was a garden in the entrance with flower It is of all kinds in its perimeter and a gigantic window that announced what came after this.

space room for child on dream house

The girl referred to us that when she entered, she felt like she was entering a modern castle. The roof was quite high and there were a lot of furniture posted on colorful and nurtured carpets. A large piano appeared in the middle of the room next to a fireplace made of varnished brick. On the inside, another huge garden opened its way over the back of the house, before it emptied into a playground for the game. In that courtyard, there was a basketball board in addition to another house, the German Shepherd House of the family. The second floor of the house was described as the most welcoming place in the world as the “owner” of the house, had two rooms, one of them destined to rest and the other used exclusively as a playroom. In the playroom, he had his own computer in addition to TV, DVD player and game console. The classic toys were a separate theme and the room in question was so spacious that it could house up to two dolls houses in natural size. The stuffed animals were on the agenda and could be counted by dozens. The description of my partner’s daughter was much more detailed but for reasons of space I can not recreate so in detail, but my intention was to note how each child seeks to be happy, regardless of the space that has touched to develop.

Renovating Home: 7 Design Ideas

Renovating House Design Ideas

Here are the seven steps for a successful renovating a home.


Innovative system without glue or putty that can be applied to the floor already existing in case a renovation is being carried out, is the system of dry laying in porcelain stoneware effect wood or cement. The result is a continuous and seamless surface, immediately on foot.

Restructuring fast and well is possible, there are many solutions to realize the dream in the drawer: the re-design of your home in no time. Tiles that are dry, without glue or stucco, vinyl coatings for floors to take away at every move, plasters to renovate cellars and terraces.


The bathroom is the environment that requires more interventions. Today we recommend Monolith di Geberit, a family of modules to install washbasin, vase or bidet in front of pre-existing walls, also in plasterboard, without masonry and without invasive interventions.

Accompanying doors closure

A few touches are enough to improve your home comfort! For example, install a shock absorber system on the door of your home. With a few euros you can have a professional and design system.

Like a little trick to facilitate the close-up of the concealed doors. By eclipse the system Bias Up, the shock that applies on the door panel; It is compatible with any brand of counter-looms provided that with jambs and with wooden door panel.

Adhesive lamination

Tileskin is the adhesive lamination to be applied directly on the previous tiles of your bathroom, useful both to renew the look and to absorb bad odors.

New look on the walls

New life on the walls of your home, with wall coverings. They are components of phono-absorbent furniture that allow excellent sound insulation and absorb the echo effect. In addition to ensuring a great design you can choose the printable design you prefer.

Make a room more

To divide the environments and create an additional room we come to help the solutions in plasterboard, which are insulating thanks to the glass wool that they contain and also the new panels of the latest generation absorb and transform into a compound not harmful formaldehyde contained in the air.

Reduce the trampling

To reduce the annoying trampling in a home you can resort to design solutions at reduced costs, such as cork and recycled rubber sheets that lay on the old floor before putting the new paving.
Re-Design with industry professionals

The solutions to give a new look to your home often are of simple application but to guarantee a better job, quickly and with guarantee of the result is always good to rely on a specialized construction company such as Victor Riccardo.