Problems with the New House


When my cousin Caesar bought a new house of his dreams he did not imagine how little that dream would last him. I went to visit him just started the move and really the house looked beautiful, was a two-storey, quite large and with ample spaces and provided with lots of light. Large windows also flooded the back of the house and gave a transparent access to the patio with a pool and a lot of field for my nephews to run.

The house was located in a residential neighborhood, with long streets and few houses on the street, with few people who walk around, low noise and almost no traffic. It was the dream neighborhood and the most beautiful house in that neighborhood. It seemed, because with the passing of days the house would begin to strip all those flaws that are not marked in the contract of purchase much less in the brochure of sale delivered smilingly by the realtor.

The new house had two floors and according to my cousin Caesar, the real estate had told him that the house was not new, but that had been completely refurbished, had no problems of humidity or soil and shout. He was in perfect condition. Which at first glance seemed, but then, once the move was finished and put everything in place, the days were going to be taking charge of showing the flaws.

The first of the problems started with the leaks. The first sign gave it the strange smell that they pronounced the things kept and that came from the basement, although the basement was totally empty and completely painted, had that image that give the new things, yet to the weeks a strange and strong smell began to Contagi AR the environment, my cousin Cesar thought at first that the smell came from some dead rodent, but then that undesirable smell was accompanied by small lumps of mold in the farthest parts of the light on the walls, under the staircase and on the wall put to the bathroom of Visi TA, the idea of water seepage began to haunt the head.

The mold was accompanied in the following days by some moisture on the walls of the basement and on the walls adjoining the bathroom of the garage, in time the humidity would seep so much that the paint layer would begin to break down as paper. My cousin immediately communicated with the Realtor, who pointed out to supervise the defects advised by Cesar.

He did not give much explanation but to take care of the repairs. Apparently the water pipes and sewer of the house had been too much spent and had generated leaks by all the routes, this had generated the humidity, the mold and the bad smells, generating thus some annoying two months later, time that lasted the repair the pipes and that turned the House of Dreams into an annoying and giddy place filled with walls and broken floors.

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