Renovating Home: 7 Design Ideas


Renovating House Design Ideas

Here are the seven steps for a successful renovating a home.


Innovative system without glue or putty that can be applied to the floor already existing in case a renovation is being carried out, is the system of dry laying in porcelain stoneware effect wood or cement. The result is a continuous and seamless surface, immediately on foot.

Restructuring fast and well is possible, there are many solutions to realize the dream in the drawer: the re-design of your home in no time. Tiles that are dry, without glue or stucco, vinyl coatings for floors to take away at every move, plasters to renovate cellars and terraces.


The bathroom is the environment that requires more interventions. Today we recommend Monolith di Geberit, a family of modules to install washbasin, vase or bidet in front of pre-existing walls, also in plasterboard, without masonry and without invasive interventions.

Accompanying doors closure

A few touches are enough to improve your home comfort! For example, install a shock absorber system on the door of your home. With a few euros you can have a professional and design system.

Like a little trick to facilitate the close-up of the concealed doors. By eclipse the system Bias Up, the shock that applies on the door panel; It is compatible with any brand of counter-looms provided that with jambs and with wooden door panel.

Adhesive lamination

Tileskin is the adhesive lamination to be applied directly on the previous tiles of your bathroom, useful both to renew the look and to absorb bad odors.

New look on the walls

New life on the walls of your home, with wall coverings. They are components of phono-absorbent furniture that allow excellent sound insulation and absorb the echo effect. In addition to ensuring a great design you can choose the printable design you prefer.

Make a room more

To divide the environments and create an additional room we come to help the solutions in plasterboard, which are insulating thanks to the glass wool that they contain and also the new panels of the latest generation absorb and transform into a compound not harmful formaldehyde contained in the air.

Reduce the trampling

To reduce the annoying trampling in a home you can resort to design solutions at reduced costs, such as cork and recycled rubber sheets that lay on the old floor before putting the new paving.
Re-Design with industry professionals

The solutions to give a new look to your home often are of simple application but to guarantee a better job, quickly and with guarantee of the result is always good to rely on a specialized construction company such as Victor Riccardo.

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